ITALY AT YOUR TABLE IN BEVERLY HILLSWhile waiting to talk more about the experience in San Francisco at Chez Panisse, Slanted Doors, the wine dinner with Miriam and the Tacos with Athena, these are a few pictures about our crazy night in Beverly Hills and the chilled morning in Santa Monica. Last night Barbara and I made our way to Beverly Hills. We strolled around Rodeo Dr. for a bit. walked into Galerie Michael:, where one can purchase only authentic PIcassos, Mir, Rembrandt, Chagall, Dali and the lot.
It was a very refreshing stop after all the fashion indigestion and big cars.
We then hoped on a cab to go to Lana and Jim and their super-wine-friends. Here we started our evening sorting some of Italy at your Table Wines and some of the guests choice.
We got to dinner time eurolike white on riceeuro and the night flew by with a six courses Italian dinner planned, designed and wanted by Lana. She was a great host giving everyone a chocolate heart with their name engrave on it.Tonight was a very sumptuous pre-Saint Valentine night, wow!
My Saint Valentine partner was the wonderful Robin Stark: I selected the wines for the evening with Michael who has a rare experience in euro60 Barolos! Our Italy at Your Table selection featured Cepparello 2006, Brunello di Montalcino Friggiali 2004, Arnaldo Caprai Sagrantino 2003 - 25 Anni. Other guests brought over Masseto 2005, Dal Forno 1996 and 1995, Vietti nebbiolo, Testamatta 2006, Oreno 2006 and Quintarelli 1990 from Lanaeuros cellar to finish off the evening.
Needless to say this was a very serious wine night which ended even later once Lana handed us over some foulards to enter her cellar with the brand new Robin Stark inventory system. Why are West Coasters so excited about Italian wines? Because with Italian wines nobody ever gets bored; because they are products with character and style and because most people tend to fall in love with Italy and hence its products. Lana and Jim are trading a lot of their wines for Italian Fine Wines. After the Amarone trip they now have some great old vintages and in a few weeks we will do together Langhe and I bet that a lot of room for Barolo would have to be made! Meanwhile thank you Lana for all those bottles youeurove opened with us. It was a great treat.
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