LAST DAY IN CHICAGO...NEXT STOP CINCINNATIBy Filippo BartolottaSo Chicago wasn't over yet as we another dinner with Karee and Loren.Benedetta, Barbara and I decide to start the day with a proper Chicago brunch indulging in a breakfast burrito to face the tough and cold day:)We end up being super sleepy and I manage to loose my credit card for the millionth time...great!We walk a bit to digest the mexican feast and head to Karee's house to prepare the wine dinner.Tons of glasses are available in this lovely house where thogether with our usual suspects we also have the very profound and richly extracted Manachiara Riserva Brunello di Montalcino Nardi 2004.The 2004 vintage has in general been a pretty good one across the board in Italy, but the very good weather also meant that it was a very generous vintage. As a result a lot of 2004 Brunellos, for instance might result a little dilute.This isn't definitely not the case for the '04 with us at Italy at Your Table because together with Silvio Nardi Brunello 2004 also the other '04 have been showing the best of a classic vintage character. Tenute San Leonardo 2004, ColleMassari 2004 and Elvio Cogno Barolo Vigna Elena 2004 have in fact been hit by our guests!While I was getting my wines at the right temperature. Benedetta is still running the show preparing dinner for everybody and inviting the guest to join in making spaghetti alla Chitarra and Ravioli.This evening was very entertaining also for me as I had a full hour before lunch to introduce and taste the eleven wines together while nibbling on some Prosciutto di Parma invention by Benedetta Vitali. The two tables were formed by slit couples of husbands and wives and the competition was almost painful! Everybody was sooo intensely dedicated to it that for me was just a pleasure to watch while having a plate of Spaghetti with broccoli and anchovies like only Benedetta can make!One thousand questions, one thousand doubts and answers and the evening went by in a slit second till we get to the succulent Benedetta's Lamb chops!Karee and Loren friends were all very interested and lively and I look forward to Chicago again!On the way home we ask the cab driver to take us for a little detour to The Green Mill. This is one of the oldest and most established Jazz Club in town where nothing changed since AlCapone's time! A beer and a chaser and some good music, fun people with a very different age and backround, like only one can find in these places!Morning after we have a plain to catch to get back home in NYC.
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