Le Due Terre

Over the phone Silvana Forte sounds like a very open friendly and welcoming person. One of those people that from the first moments makes you feel comfortable with a no frillsattitude.We struggled a little to find the Le Due Terre in the beautiful countryside near Prepotto, but once you get there one feels like in a green paradise.Le Due Terre is a little winery on top of a hill surrounded by a stunning window shape rose bush overlooking the vines and the immensely green Colli Orientali only three km away with the Slovenian border: hence the name Le Due Terre -the two soils.Here I "parked" my little ones and Vanessa. Daphne seemed to enjoy particularly the magic of this place.We got there a little late so I am invited to have a glass in the backyard where I see a very silent man in his late forties enjoying a glass of red.I start having a conversation with a very lovely young woman about our trip in Friuli, the weather, etc."Mr. Silence" meanwhile seems to be looking at me trying to figure me out. He is sitting with his shoulders leaning at the wall of the house sipping wine in a wine stained t-shirt. I thought he must have been the humble cellar master, but he acted as if he didn't want to be caught in a conversation and so I let him be.Then Silvana arrives at the table. She is like she sounded over the phone. We carry on with the conversation which slowly turns into the difference between drinking and tasting wine.Mr Silent speaks up asking me where and how I started my passion for wine. I talked to him like you would with someone you casually meet at a bar, but soon after we take off for a laid back wine-philosophical conversation.This man seemed to be having quite a personality. Then Silvana asks Flavio to take me for a tour in the cellar.Falvio? Flavio Basilicata. Oh G! He is Silvana's companion, owner and winemaker at Le Due Terre.I got the impression that Silvana waited to see how we were getting along to then hand me over to Flavio to taste some stuff in the cellar. Meanwhile Silvana takes care of my family with a basket of freshly picked cherries!Flavio has been working as a wine maker in Friuli from the 70's. Then together with Silvana in the mid 80's they start Le Due Terre with a little over four hectares.It's a small property where everything seems to be having a natural and simple balance.They are organic and more but they do not claim it. I am working with some new ways totacklevines treatment that are lighter and less aggressive for the soil then copper -allowed by organic farming- tends to be, Flavio says.They tend to have a very non interventionist approach in the cellar and they are pretty committed to produce wines that speak the language of origin.And so we start tasting the Sacrisassi Bianco (white) first from the steel vat and then from the oak cask.I ask him when he makes the final blend of the two varieties, Friulano 70% and Ribolla. He looks at me and says: I have made the blending in my vineyards when I designed them and planted. In other words Le Due Terre blends are done from day one, with no manipulation or final cut in the cellar. Once the two varieties are harvested and fermented -of course their own yeasts- they go together a part in oak for one year and a part in steel tanks and then bottled. Same story for the Sacrissassi (literallysacred stones) Red: a blend of Schioppettino and Refosco.I had the impression that Flavio is more inclined in red varieties for the Colli Orientali. He likes the challenge to tame tannins and body of thisdifficultindigenous varieties, but also of its Pinot Noir and Merlot.NonethelessI am a big fun of their Sacrisassi Bianco with itsmeadowflowers elegance, its pure fruit driven character matching a juicy, mineral and refreshing broad palate.This description could go for all their reds as well.The Sacrisassi Rosso 2006 shows a rich forrest fruit nose with a tobacco leaf complexity and asavoryand lingeringblackpepper dense finish.The Le Due Terre Merlot 1999 has got a clay/stone/chocolate density with a very earthy and tannic structure and a massive aging potential. Very young still.Le Due Terre Pinot 2007 shows a black berry nose with an earthy touch. The palate is like silk with a mineral mouthwatering sensation with adangerously high drinkability.The polish importers have arrived, I am asked to do a bit of translation before we start again our journey to Carso where Zidarich and Kante are wating for us!
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