Luxury from the Cellar

There is just nothing quite like the sensation of swirling a very smooth and sensational wine in your glass and enjoying the bouquet before finally taking that first sip. If you want real luxury, start looking at the wine you are drinking. Why not treat yourself and go for the very best? Here are three wine buying tips for the discerning wine drinker who revels in the taste of luxury.For top quality Italian wines, select yourWine Tour with us!1 Invest In a Good CellarCellaring gourmet wines for a few years can leave you with wines that go well beyond the original expectations. Invest in a good wine cellar with plenty of racking to hold each bottle securely, with the corks wet. A wine cellar is an essential for anyone who wants to enjoy the best wine. Keep the cellar well ventilated, dark, and cool to age the wine properly.

2 Buy the Best to Start WithOnly purchase the best wines to start with. Although even a cheap wine can improve by aging in a cellar for a few years, the best wine from any year will age into an exceptional wine. Pick from the winemakers top range to ensure you receive the best wine. Gourmet winemakers do price according to quality of wine, so a $10 bottle of wine is nothing compared to the $300 bottle.

3 Taste Before You BuyQuality wine should already be smooth and palatable when you first purchase it. If you are buying a case or more of the best wine, ask the winemaker or winery to provide a sample from the same batch as your wine. This way you will know you are definitely getting what you are paying for.

For a real taste of luxury, ensure you are drinking top quality wine.
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