Luxury Winter Resorts in Italy

It's hard to imagine but Italy is indeed experiences a very real winter. As a result, not many people come to visit in respect to the warmer spring and summer months that make Italian holidays so iconic. However, another iconic sort of Italian holiday could involve winter activities like skiing in the Italian Alps or the Dolomites, mountain trekking in the hills and of course relaxing at a luxury winter resort in Italy. The main regions of interests for winter vacations in Italy are Trentino Alto Aldige which is home to the Dolomites and The Italian Alps of Valle D'Osta and The Tuscan Apennine. Are you looking for luxury winter resorts in Italy? Here are a few of our suggestions for some of the best places for a ski holiday in Italy:San Cassiano- A UNESCO heritage site located in the Dolomites of South Tyrol Trentino Alto Aldige, San Cassiano is said to be the must stunning ski destination in the world. We recommend this location for families and groups of people with varying levels of skiing ability. Where to stay? Rosa Alpina. We suggest Rosa Alpina because it is an historical, family-run luxury Inn for 3 generations that is perfect for those seeking luxury, location and relaxation for the whole family.Ortisei (Val Gardena, Bolzano)- Ortisei is a holiday paradise in the Dolomites of South Tyrol, it is one of the villages of Val Gardena within the mountain chain apart of the alps. Ortisei is perfect for skiing, strolling, snowshoeing, trekking tours while discovering UNESCO natural wonders and modern city villages and for any winter sports enthusiasts. Visit the official website of the Val Gardena for resources regarding activities, ski lifts, equipment rentals, things to do, where to stay and more. Where to stay in Ortisei? We recommend Calvalino Bianco. Why? Because it's the best 4 star luxury hotel in Val Gardena ideal for families and groups looking for endless activities yet magical facilities for wellness and relaxation.Cortina DAmpezzo- Located in the southern alps of the dolomites in the Veneto region of Northern Italy. Cortina D'Ampezzo experiences abundant snowfall which makes it a perfect destination for snow chasers. Worth noting is that this location will be hosting the Women's Ski World Cup this Jauary 18th and 19th. Here you can enjoy Nordic and Alpine skiing. If skiing is not exactly your cup of tea, try snowshoeing at the Ampezzo Natural Park so that you can still enjoy the snowy terrain. Visit the official tourism website to learn more about additional details, accomodation, how to get there and more.Courmayeur (Valle d'Aosta)- This winter resort town is located in the Aosta valley at the foot of Mont Blanc and shares access to the famous glacial ski run of the Vallee Blanche. Courmayeurs picturesque mountain scenery and fresh mountain air make it a desirable destination year-round. Considered a famous ski location in Italy, it also contains one of Europe's finest botanical garden "Alpino Saussurea." Courmayeur is a popular destination for hikers for the spring and summer periods in Italy. This is an ideal destination for those who seek a more difficult physical challenge at the slopes with rewarding mountain sights of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain peak in Italy! For more information on the winter resort town of Courmayeur, visit Val D'Osta's official tourism website. Did you know that Le Baccanti Tours can organize your entire vacation in the Italian mountains- from head to toe? We are here to customize the best package to include lodging, transport, wine tasting, active tours, cooking classes and more! Contact us for a quote and sample itinerary for your next trip to the Italian Alps!
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