Are you a wine lover? If so, don't put off tasting Marsala wine a second longer! This wine which was made famous by John Woodhouse, an English merchant in the XVIII century who, trying to escape a storm, sought refuge with his sailing ship in the Marsala harbour, on the Sicilian coast. The small town, whose name originates from an Arabic word "Mars-el Allah" (Harbour of God), was already making wines before this date. However, after tasting a glass of Marsala wine, it was this one he couldn't resist importing to Great Britain. Admiral Nelson was just one of its enthusiasts! In 1832 the Florio family was the first one to start producing sufficient quanties of this wine for exportation, and it wasn't long before they were followed by many other winemakers. Marsala wine is made with local Sicilian grapes, mainly "Grillo", but also "Inzolia", "Cataratto" and others. It's colour can range from that golden to orange or a light red. The nose can suggest many things, from toasted nuts to safflower???? and broom, while its warm and velvety taste may have hints of honey and liquorice. Marsala is lovely matched with oysters, fish soup, game and of course cheese, it is also a meditation wine which can be deeply appreciated by itselfeuro,but pay attention, as it usually has 18% alcohol!. Among the many wine estates which produce Marsala, some we wish to recommend are: Cantine Florio, Cantine Rallo, Tenuta di Donnafugata, Casa Vinicola Pellegrino, Azienda Marco De Bartoli.It's true that when we talk and read about Italian wines, we mainly hear about Tuscany, with its Chianti, Brunello and Super Tuscan wines and about Piedmont with its Barolo and Barbera wines!Of course these are great wines, but Italy (which used to be called "Enotria", meaning land of wine) can offer many other less famous, less known and less expensive wines. These wines are no less beautiful and we wish to help you discover all of themeuro.
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