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By Filippo BartolottaI know that I am late with my blog and I maybe should follow achronologicaltrain of thoughts, but I just had an amazing dinner at 50WD in Cilnton Street and Rivington.It has been thank to an great friend and one of the best "absolutepalate" I have ever met in my life: AJ Bocchino, an dedicated artist and a serious and yet gourmet lover: had a couple of journeys to Italy with him and his dad and grand nephew, Chas. The first time it was in Langhe with Bruno Giacosa, Bartolo Mascarello and Roberto Conterno of Monfortino and all the best skunky trattorias and Michelin Star Restaurant.Then it was time for Tuscany with the good old man: Gianfranco Soldera, tasting away hissavory1980, 1981, 1989 together with 1964 Angelo Gaja first Vintage and 1968 MastroBerardino -simply one of the densest, most comples and supple wine of my life...thank you AJ.Tonight Vanessa and Icaughtup with Aj again. After the Lobester Bar in Lexington and Prince, where the Lobster roll is worth alone a trip to NYC, we went to WM50 for a four courses menu and two amazing wines:Barolo Bruno Giacosa 1964 and Chavalier Montrachet Le Flaive 2000.One first opened the Montrachet was a little oaky, I thought while Aj didn't say a word. Then after half an hour the wine rock, just like New york CIty.We had a very enjoyable dinner with a very bitter daring and challengingcuisine all the waythroughdessert.The incredible thing is that Ajfavoriterestaurant is 20m away from Milo and Daphne's school...this is this morning when Milo woke up saying: Daddy its 0730 and it's snowing. Now its 0230 and so you get what's going to happen to me tomorrow!The Montrachet was rich and fat andvelvetyand LaprohaighSmokeycomplexanisetteand butterscotch taste which lingered even after destert. A wine with a lot ofshelflife.We got threeappetizersbut both wines were opened. The Giacosa '64 at first was a little dirty, but then it cleaned up and yet always retaining an amazing acidity and life...another 30 years.The fact is that the evening flew by and the wine with it and the awsome menu.We had threeappetizers:Pumpernickel soup, smoked sable, blood orange, puffed gruyereSmoked eel, spice bread, black radish, campariBay scallops, bone marrow, bulgur, crosnes, tamarindThe soup was pretty leathery and the Barolo was perfect while I think the Montrachetstruggled; the Eel was perfect and perfect was the match with the LaFlaive. The scallops was maybe the best dish with a lot of fatty andsavorycontrast.Then it was time for main course:Arctic char, snow pea, fried yucca, cherry-black beanScallops, pine needle udon, grapefruit dashi, chinese broccoliThe Char was like a nice Salmon dish, but nothing too fancy and the scallops where very luscious and complex.The dessert is absolutely a must here:Licorice custard, sake sorbet, bartlett pear: very sexy and complex dish, perfect with the Trockeberenauslese Pichler Krutzler 1997.Cheesecake, pineapple, raisin, saffron, lime. The mostenjoyableof all.Lemongrass mousse, brown sugar, jack fruit, whole wheat sorbet. very fresh and yet not to remember.Soft chocolate, peppermint ice cream, black cardamom, toffee. Very good but too salty.Right after this wonderful evening I thought we were going home and instead thanks to AJ we went to visit a NO NAME WINE BAR in the Lower east Side:where we had a lovely, altoug ha little oxidative Riesling to finish off the night.I promise I'll update with Kansas City, the Berkshires with The Nutrition Centre, Davide Manzo and The Stage Coach; the White House andmythicalJoan Nathan inWashington...Keep you posted...Good Night,filippo
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