Olive Oil Challenge – Team Building Event

A challenge to all the five sensesTeam building at its most interesting and evocativeOlive Oil expert to lead the way and help participants fully appreciate oilUnique and fun panel test grand finaleThe olive oil challenge begins with an introduction to the world of professional olive oil tasting and the enigmatic and elegant short blue olive oil tasting glass. Not only will guests get to use the professional tasting tools, but they will also get to taste olive oil in a simpler way, without all the fuss, like drizzled on toasted Tuscan bread or with raw vegetables. Later on, the olive oil will be showcased again but this time drizzled over a hearty lentil stew or to top off the chefs creation to examine yet another side of this most versatile oil.Only the very best Italian extra virgin olive oil is used during the Olive Oil Challenge so that guests or team building participants can truly understand the nature of this liquid gold. The olive oil expert will lead the group on a tasting journey, filled with a myriad of smells and colors, textures and tastes. The expert will entertain and inform while participants get to taste the olive oil, by itself and combined with other foods. The expert also leads the group through a serious of challenges to capture and hold the groups attention. The Olive Oil Challenge works wonderfully as a prelude to a Wine Challenge dinner.

The Olive Oil Challenge is a success in any setting, set up along rustic wooden tables under an oak tree in a Tuscan vineyard or with fancy white tablecloths in an elegant hall in downtown Florence.
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