PRODUCTION METHODSSelected grains of durum wheat are ground to flour, which is then mixed with very pure water. Starches and proteins combine into glutens, a net of protein chains ties the starch into microscopic granules. Long kneading makes the dough homogeneous and elastic, after which it is drawn or moulded into its hundred forms. The product now contains about thirty per cent water by weight, a state in which it couldneurot be conserved, so that it must be dried out in heated drying chambers. Once dry, it is packaged and labelled.AREAS OF PRODUCTIONIn simplest terms: all of Italy. Tuscany has its own shapes and recipes, such as Sienaeuros pici o pinci. The most famous producer of limited-quantity, high-quality varieties is Pastificio Martelli of Lari in the province of Pisa.Copyright Le Baccanti Tours 2004-2007 - All rights reserved Do not copy, this site is monitored weekly
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