Born out of the need of poor peasants for a dish that would fill and nourish somewhat like meat but without containing any, ribollita - literally, euroboiled-up-againeuro - is concocted out of hard leftover bread; beans, peas, lentils and other leguminous vegetables; various greens; and extra-virgin olive oil. As with all traditional peasant dishes, there is no one true recipe - every family had its own, all valid but none orthodox. We suggest here a thoroughly typical version that keeps faith with tradition but is a little lighter and more digestible, more modern, than the more densely packed and filling ones made to furnish energy for a full dayeuros back-breaking labour. Ours is a wintery version containing in-season cavolo nero or black cabbage, perfect for warming the inner person during the short days of chilly February and blustery March. INGREDIENTS FOR FOUR PERSONS1 large bunch of cavolo nero1 bunch of beet root greens1/4 white or crinkled cabbage1 onion1 leek2 potatoes2 carrots2 stalks of celery3 peeled tomatoes 300 g. dried white beans, best if of the cannellini sort250 g. of hard leftover saltless Tuscan white breadExtra-virgin olive oilSalt, pepper to taste1 clove of garlicPREPARATIONSoak the fried beans in water for at least eight hours. Brown the garlic in olive oil in a large and deep casserole, preferably of terracotta or some other ceramic. Cut the leek and onion into thin slices. Add the other vegetables cut into quite large chunks and fatele appassire what does that mean? let them cook in the garlic oil? per circa dieci minuti. Versate quindi l'acqua di cottura dei fagioli we haveneurot cooked them yet! e la met degli stessi. Season to taste with salt and pepper and let simmer for about an hour. Now mush the rest of the beans through a sieve and add, stir well and let boil ,for ten minutes, after which let it cool. Real peasant ribollita tastes best the day after preparation, and after it has been heated again by long slow simmer . . . whence the name ribollita. It is served in bowls containing three or four thin slices of dried hard bread and seasoned to taste with salt , pepper and a crowning of fruity Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil. Fresh sliced red onion makes a good side dish. A summer version prescribes fresh rather than dried beans, and fresh tomatoes, basil and zucchini in place of the cabbage and beet greens.THE RIGHT WINEA Chianti of course, not too aged, will furnish a pleasant degree of acidity. But an aromatic and fresh Val di Cornia Rosso Doc can be ideal for counteracting the soupeuros oiliness.
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