Rome - The Eternal City

The city of Rome offers a multitude of experiences. Home to works of the Old Masters as well as stunning contemporary pieces, this city has something to offer the glitterati as well as the cognoscenti. See Rome and die has never been more true.Rome - The Eternal CityAll roads should, indeed, lead to Rome. As a cultural landmark, this beautiful and cultured city is unrivalled. Built astride the Tiber River and situated on the famed seven hills, this city, the capital of Italy, is home to over 4 million people.Long recognized as a cultural Mecca, this city has been home to some of historys greatest artists. Indeed, many of mankinds most valued treasures are encompassed by the borders of Rome. Connoisseurs of every stripe flock to this city to sample its many delights. Gourmands revel in its culinary sophistication. Oenophiles enjoy the vast panoply of outstanding Italian wines. Students of art and architecture can behold 2500 years of the most magnificent paintings, sculptures and buildings that the tradition of the greatest empire on Earth could produce. To this day, Roman artists and artisans continue this iconoclastic pursuit.As the hub of almost every business sector, Rome is the powerhouse of the Italian economy generating $150B in economic activity. Tourism is, of course, substantial but services and technology dominate the Italian business climate. The construction, banking and entertainment industries form a solid foundation for this citys economic dynamism. Heavy industry and manufacturing are noticeably absent.Rome enjoys an extremely varied population. Immigrants from all over the world, but principally from the Balkans and North Africa, make this city their home. Vatican City, a country in its own right and home to the Catholic Church, is completely encompassed by Rome. This fact makes Rome the only city to contain an entire country within its own borders.Throughout its history, Rome has enjoyed varying degrees of prosperity. Now, entering its third millennium, it stands poised to add to its vaunted history. In this most remarkable city, natives and tourists alike enjoy a spectacular mix of art, architecture and life. The bridges, buildings and palazzos of Rome provide wonderful meeting places where people of all races, nationalities and creeds can intermix. The nightlife of Rome provides further opportunity for such bonding. Even the underground of Rome, in the form of the catacombs, affords an interesting and thought-provoking experience.Rome, to its credit, is still as exciting and life affirming as it was in the days of Augustus when it was the center of the civilized world. Politically stable, Italy, and Rome in particular, invite the glitterati and the cognoscenti to enjoy all that she has to offer. No city affords the incredible artistic and cultural phenomenon that is Rome. Home to masterpieces of the Renaissance as well as avant-garde, modern art, Rome truly delivers on its promise to provide La Dolce Vita.In short, no one should miss the opportunity to explore the rich and luxurious tapestry that is this city. Romes unique and fascinating blend of the old and the new warrants more than a one week visit. In fact, a lifetime is probably not enough time to truly appreciate all that Rome has to offer.
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