Sicily why?

WHY CHOOSE SICILY- Blue sea and hot sun enjoyable for most of the year- History and architecture: from the Greek to the Romans, Norman and Muslim people, Spanish, etc., an incredible mixture of different cultures which have been melting during the centuries. Visits of archaeological sites and temples- Food and wines: wonderful fresh seafood(swordfish, tuna, sardines, anchovieseuro), pastas and cous cous cooked with fish, seasonal vegetables and many different spices, and of course amazing pastries and ice creams! Wines? Nowadays some of the best Italian ones, Donnafugata, Cantine Florio, Palari, Paceco, Planeta, Tasca d' Almerita are just some of the finest wine producers, and of course Marsala- Nature, botanical gardens, breathtaking viewseuro- Plus this gorgeous island is surrounded by other 14 small islands, which are tiny paradises
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