The Murgese Horse

Today the Murgese horse is rare outside of its native Italy, though this is changing as international riders discover the unique cultural heritage and classical dressage abilities of the descendants of the second Roman emperors mighty destriers.The Murgese horse is bred in Puglia, in the south of Italy. They are close relatives to the Lipizzaner and the now extinct Neapolitan coursier.These horses have a unique black/bay or blue roan coat with no white markings allowed. The breed was officially recognized at the start of last century, though horses have been bred in the Murge Plateau for over a thousand years. These horses have been acclaimed cavalry mounts since the reign of Frederick the second Roman Emporer.If you are curious about the equestrian culture of Italy, a great authentic experience is to get out and ride with the locals on their native horses.Much like our personalized wine tours, where you are able to taste the vintages with the owner himself, and discuss the passion behind the production - Le Baccanti horse riding excursions allow you the opportunity to discuss Italian equine traditional tack, training techniques and history with a knowledgeable expert.The photo below is the fantastic Roberta Inama from La Spezia competing in Working Equitation on her Murgese horse Macina. [caption id="attachment_3534" align="aligncenter" width="573" caption="Roberta and her black Murgese mare Macina"][/caption]
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