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Traveling to and within Europe can be expensive and no matter where you are coming from, I bet you may be looking for the best deal possible on flights. Ryanair is quite possibly the most controversial mainstream airline carrier but yet manages to lure people in with last minute 7 euro return flight deals, albeit the slew of online complaints about the airline.The obvious pros are:Price. They certainly very difficult to beat on pricing. This is why, despite the online forums like I hate Ryanair, they are one of the most frequented airlines. The website boasts frequent seasonal deals that allow you to fly to major cities across Europe for mere euros.Convenience. They used to be really inconvenient with airports located in the middle of nowhere but now they work with more airports and they have a lot of shuttle bus services that run frequently to the destination city centers, and at very fair prices.Choice. Ryanair services a lot of countries and major cities in Europe. It is now easier than ever to travel around Europe affordably thanks to ryanair and similar providors like easyjet.The cons are:Weight allowance. They have been known to charge on an overage as little as one kilo. ONE KILO. If you choose to fly with Ryanair, please be aware of your baggage weight and dimensions. They have no mercy, and it makes sense. If every passenger was one kilo over, that could be a burden for the staff and the storage space.Flight take-off times. Ryanair flight guarantee the most on-time flights...but this concerns on-time arriving. It is not uncommon for take-off time to be a several minutes past the original time listed on your reservation. Don't plan on that and miss your flight, but be aware you may be standing in line to board for more than you originally expected. The good news is that you can usually count on arriving on time, with trumpet effects to match upon landing.Food and snacks. Bring your own. Ryanair is a no frills airline for a reason. And the snacks and food offered on board is costly and can be unsatisfying in certain cases. Best to bring your own snacks and drink on board so you don't arrive on an empty stomach (or an empty wallet) while trying to pass through customs and baggage claim.As long as you are aware of all the pros and cons, then you are safe to fly with Ryanair. I must say, over the years they have made some progress in their service standards, flights and convenience. Whoever you choose to fly with when coming to Italy, we wish you a buon viaggio!Planning a trip to Italy? Let Le Baccanti plan your dream Italian excursion! We offer cooking classes, walking tours, horse riding, wine tastings, corporate team building events and more! All complete with English speaking chauffeurs and private expert guides upon request. Contact us for more info!
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