Filippo Bartolotta was on hand for a very special tasting of Vernaccia di San Gimignano on February 18th, part of a series of tastings he co-created with Ernesto Gentili to promote and explore the potential of Vernaccia. At the event, conducted by Ian DeuroAgata, the denominationeuros highest quality producers dared to compare their new releases against recent vintages of the renowned Sauvignon Blancs of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fum.euroThere have been a lot of innovations and experimenting with Vernaccia recently. Sauvignon Blanc is a powerhouse, but Vernaccia held its own against such a super-aromatic grape,euro Bartolotta said. euroWe were very impressed. The Hydra 2006 (Il Palagione) and Santa Margherita 2006 (Panizzi) really stood out.euroThe French producers who participatedeuroAlphonse Mellot, Vincent Pinard, Michel Redde, Didier Dagueneau and Henri Bourgeoiseurowere full of praise for the Vernaccia tasted. They admitted to having known very little about the Italian varietal, but that the tasting had shown them it was a force to be reckoned with. euroThe Vernaccia and Sauvignon Blanc had a lot in common. They shared a minerality, freshness, and the spicy aromas of anis, hazelnut and lime,euro explained Bartolotta.This is third in a series of daring and uncommon Vernaccia tastings. The first, held in 2006, was a vertical tasting going back 30 years and showcased without a doubt the wineeuros aging potential. euroThe participants were blown awayeuro said Bartolotta. Next was a vertical comparative tasting of Vernaccia vs. top Chablis. euroWe learned that the longer Vernaccia ages, the better it matched up against the Chablis.euroThe tastings are an example of how Vernaccia is discovering and defining its identity. It is growing with audacity, and earning great respect in doing so. euroTake the Silex, for example, which we tasted last in the comparative Sauvignon Blanc tasting,euro explained Filippo. euroIt is the sharpest, cleanest and also dirtiest, naughty-girl wine on the planet. This is a biodynamic wine, a model for what a white should be. And Panizzi put his Evo up alongside of it. It takes guts to compare yourself to the best.euroThe tasting:1st Set1. Hydra 2006- Il Palagione 2. I Maccioni 2006- Casa alle vacche 3. Cusona 33 2006- Guicciardini Strozzi4. Generation XIX 2006- Alphonse Mellot5. Nuance 2006- Vincent Pinard6. La Moynerie 2006- Michel Redde2nd Set7. Vigna Santa Margherita 2006- Giovanni Panizzi 8. La Lastra Riserva 2005- La Lastra 9. Vigna Casa Nuova 2004- Fontaleoni 10. Cuve Mojorum 2005- Michel Redde11. Pur Sang 2005- Didier Dagueneau12. Jadis 2005- Henri Bourgeois3rd Set13. Evo 2006- Giovanni Panizzi 14. Silex 2006- Didier Dagueneau
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