Top 3 Beach Holidays in Italy

Italy is one of the top destinations for beach holidays, for locals and tourists alike. Locals flee to the coast to escape the heat from the mainland and to work up that amazing Mediterranean glow while the rest of us are fleeing for a once in a lifetime vacation of blue sky, sea and fine sand with fabulous food and wine to match. There are so many beaches to choose from in Italy and any of these three regions are home to the world's most gorgeous shores.1. The Amalfi CoastWith a truly panoramic coast, windy hills, perfect warm sunnyweather and plenty of free and private beaches- the Amalfi is a no-brainer when it comes to planning your beach holiday in Italy. The most noted city for luxury beach holidays on this end of the Italian coast is Positano. It is very easy to travel here and many options for private sunbathing as well as a slew of choices if you would like to indulge in the country's best wine. If you are coming to Amalfi, we highly recommend on of our top requested wine tours of the Amalfi Coast. Just in case you need a break from all the sunbathing and beach for a day sipping wine and eating delicious southern Italian cuisine.2. TuscanyTuscany is known for its lush green rolling hills and Chianti wine country, but did you know it has some of the country's best beaches too? The Livorno coast aka the Tuscan Riviera is home to some very top pristine beaches with perfectly fined white sand, carvedreefs and cliffs dotted with Etruscan castles. A great beach on the Southern coast of Tuscany is Castiglioncello. A perfect 5 day stay at Castiglioncello should include a wine tour in Bolgheri of Super Tuscan wines where you will tour the beautiful southern Tuscan wine region, meet the world's most esteemed wine producers and enjoy a gourmet luxury lunch on a terrace overlooking the sea.3. Sicily With its rich history, Greek ruins and artifacts, gorgeous culinary arts and of course mind blowing wine, Sicily has a lot to offer also in terms of beach holidays. Spend a day near Taoromina to visit Lido Mazzaro and treat yourself to a wine tour of Etna to discover wines that have been transformed by rich volcanic soil that is unlike any other juice you will taste on the rest of the peninsula. If you are looking for something even more exclusive, we suggest the Aeolian Islands where you will be surprised to find exotic black sand beaches.Le Baccanti Tours is a luxury travel company located in Tuscany, Italy. We have been specializing in gourmet food, wine and cultural tours of Italy for over 10 years.Please see our website for more information on how to book your next trip to Italy with us!
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