Top 5 things to do in the Veneto

The Veneto region is located in the northeast of Italy and is most visited and celebrated for being home to Venice. Millions of people flock to the Veneto annually to visit and experience the local scene and culture. If you are interested in the Veneto beyond Venice, here are a list of things to do and not to miss when in the Veneto:1. Visit VeronaHome to the famous Romeo and Juliet story! Verona is the region's second largest city and is a major tourist attraction not only for its roots to Shakespeare's greatest love story but also for fairs, events, operas, and its urban Italian architecture.2. Visit Venice Experience this gorgeous city of lagoons and "city rivers." The city is like a labyrinth with many footbridges connecting to hidden Venetian squares over looking the iconic gondolas and the Venetian canals.3. Visit PadovaPadova is home to a botanical garden UNESCO heritage site which is famous for it's large space (22,000 square meters!) and special collections of rare botanical species.4. Visit VincenzaVicenza is a buzzing city with a rich culture filled with iconic Italian squares, museums and galleries, UNESCO heritage listed villas and Renaissance palaces. Vincenza is worth a visit in order to witness Palladian Villas of Veneto and the city's UNESCO world heritage site at Olympic Theatre.5. Visit Lake Garda!Forget Lake Como- Lake Garda is a spectacular destination not only with a crystal clean swimming lake with a backdrop of the Dolomite mountains, but it has small little villages nearby that are great to explore as they are full of gelato shops, old castles, spas, markets and more. A town of touristic importance is Sirmione, which is notable for the Scaliger medieval castle.(images from wikipedia)
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