Truffles and Truffle Hunting in Italy

Truffles are not fungi (i.e. mushrooms) like a lot of people think, but are instead a tuber much like yams, potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes! They grow in a few regions of the world, mostly Italy and France, but you can find them in the United States now as well. Truffles are a truly luxury gourmet item and can be as expensive as gold! A fresh grated truffle over pasta or bruschetta is an unforgettable gastronomic experience everyone should indulge in at least once in their life. You can slice them, salt them, infuse them in oil or shave them on your favorite Italian dish. Their earthy flavors are pretty intense so be wise when decorating your plate with them- meaning don't use truffles to season a dish already rich in powerful flavors or you will loose the point. You can purchase truffle products in the following forms: truffle salt, truffle oil, truffle sauce (usually mixed with minced mushrooms and oil), truffle cream (bits of truffle mixed in with butter and parmesan cheese), truffle cheese, truffle paste and whole truffles. There are 2 main varieties: black and white and the white truffles are thought to be the most delicate and hard to find, which also means the most expensive.

Here are some ideas for your truffle products:

* Popcorn with truffle salt and garlic infused butter or olive oil (or even without oil!)

* Homemade pizza with your choice of roasted mushrooms and truffle cheese

* Gnocchi with a black truffle cream sauce- make a cream sauce and add in a couple spoonfuls of a black truffle sauce. Top with a snippit of parsley.

* Sweet potato fries drizzled in truffle oil

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