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Need another reason to visit Tuscany in 2012? If golf is what drives you or your partner, then consider the trying out the courses around Florence on your next Italian trip. The Harmonious golfing landscapes in this region are made up of silver olive groves, undulating fields of poppies,pristine lakes, castles and medieval hamlets. The Tuscancountryside has been immortalized on countless canvasses throughout the centuries, and now avid golfers may enjoy the beauty of Tuscany in a competitive golfing enviroment.

Celebrated for its peaceful and scenic surroundings, golf is a game regularly enjoyed by those who wish to escape stressful work environments whilst on holiday. Tuscany is a region that was patiently crafted by the hand of man over the centuries, and offers many spectacular golf courses that blend harmoniously with the surrounding natural landscapes in true sustainable tourism.A day playing golf in Tuscany is a fantastic way to support local business and enjoy the mild climate and stunning scenery.Three of the best Golfing options for 2012:Ugolino, Tuscanyeuros oldest golf course was founded in 1889 by the British colony in Florence. Ugolino is a natural course that was built and designed in 1934 in the Chianti hills. This course utilizes the natural characteristics of the landscape to great effect. Ugolino is iconic in the Italian golfing world, synonymous with golfing history, since many international and nationalcompetitions have taken place on its famous course on the Via Chiantigiana.[caption id="attachment_3275" align="aligncenter" width="626" caption="Ugolino"][/caption]The course is described as amusing but challenging, where players need to devote their skills to playing accurately rather than powerfully. The clubhouse is rustic and charming full of nostalgic memories of times gone by.http://www.golfugolino.it/nuovo/eng/la_storia_e.htmThe Poggio Dei Medici golf club is located near Scaperia in the Mugello countryside on the other side of Florence. This area was popular with members of the Medici dynasty, and the Medicean castles of Cafaggiolo and Trebbio are examples of the family's magnificent power many years ago .Renaissance.The Course was designed by Italian architect Alvise Rossi Fioravanti with the help of professional player Baldovino Dass and has four different playing routes within its 18 holes. There is an American style bar for refreshments on site, as well as a resort hotel. The course is panoramic and close enough to enjoy a day trip from Florence or Pontassieve. Enjoy a visit to medieval Scaperia afterwards, for a local meal of regional fare such as potato tortellini and wild boar ragu.www.golfpoggiodeimedici.com

The new kid on the scene is Castelfalfi golf resort. Close to the Etruscan village of Volterra and the popular touristic town of Montaione, the hamlet of Castelfalfi is home to a newly designed and created golf course,on the site of the existing golf course, originally designed by Mancinelli some 20 years ago, which had been neglected over the few last decades.The golf course was redesigned and elevated to a modern and more strategical standard. Blind holes and steep inclines have been totally eliminated and the new holes have been completely re-designed and integrated into the existing typical landscape of Tuscany.The architects have received some excellent reviews by golfing professionals since the first 18 holes (the mountain course) were opened last year. The 18th hole is a special finish to the course, with an exceptional panoramic view of the surrounding estate and the Lomardian castle above. The Lake course opened this autumn, and offers some incredibly scenic holes using the estates natural water features to effect. Both Mountain Course and the Lake Course are designed so that fairways 1 and 10, and fairways 9 and 18 start and finish respectively at the clubhouse.The modern sleek clubhouse looks out over the course, and the friendly barman Salvatore makes some cracker cocktails for keen players at the end of a days golfing.Toscana Resort Castelfalfi in Italy was placed third in the Golf Course Renovation of the Year competition run by Golf Inc. The project was ranked in the top five of all entrants and was the second highest rated project outside of the U.S - so well worth a visit.http://www.castelfalfi-resort.com/All three golf courses are easily accesable from Florence and the surrounding Chianti regions. Golf equipment including sacks for both right and left handed players (male or female) may be hired from the clubhouse on request (allowing more room in your suitcase to carry home some great wine).
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