Umbria as an option?

WHY CHOOSE UMBRIA-National Parks and spectacular natural sites, such as its famous waterfalls (Cascate delle Marmore), the Clitunno springs, as well as the forest of Dunarobba with its gigantic sequoia -like tree trunks dating back thousands of years ago, are dramatic places for excursions, walks, photos.-Umbria offers countless opportunities for outdoor sports! As well as cycling and horse-riding tours, which give you the possibility of fully embracing the natural beauty of Umbria, new extreme sports are possible: jumping from the Canal Bridge in Rosciano, white-water rafting along the Nera river rapids with canoe, and last but not list, free climbing on rocks. However, windsurfing and sailing remain the most popular sports on the Lake Trasimeno.. In addition to this, another popular choice is to play golf at the Golf Club Perugia (just 6Km from the city), cuisine, delicious extra virgin olive oil and new wonderful up-and-coming wines, such as the Sagrantino of Montefalco, which has become world famous thanks to Arnaldo Caprai and its wine estate, offer great choice for wine and food lovers.-From Gubbio to Assisi and Perugia, from Spello to Montefalco and Spoleto, from Todi to Orvietoeuro. Umbria is bursting with precious, quiet, charming medieval towns-The Umbria Jazz Festival is a national famous one,
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