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I would imagine it goes without saying that we all have, in varying degrees, a passion for the beauty of Tuscany. It's wine, it's food, it's art and it's countryside. An additional reason why it possibly attracts those in the public eye is the fact that Tuscans are not impressed by status or wealth.There is a story that explains this perfectly. It is told that Prince Charles once asked to visit an ancient Florentine house that had been inhabited by the same family for 2 centuries. When approached about this, the head of the household turned down the request saying that he didn't want people in his house!The singer, Sting, has a house in Chianti from where he produces his own olive oil and Michael Schumacher is another new homeowner here.Tony Blair is a regular visitor to Tuscany, defying criticism by English newspapers who were not happy with his passion for all things foreign!King Carlos of Spain is lured here frequently by the wonderful sea of Tuscany and the Queen of Holland has a home hidden away in the Chianti hills.There are many reasons why we love Tuscany and we can only speculate what it is about the Tuscan way of life that attracts so many people to immerse themselves so fully in to iteuro.perhaps this mystery is also part of the attraction!!
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