BRIEFLYVery different from the common forms of vinegar, the balsamic variety euro bear in mind that 'balsamic' here doesn't refer to redolent pine resins but rather to any pleasingly aromatic, soothing and often medicinal vegetable essence euro is the end-product of fermentation not of wine but of the must itself, i.e., of the freshly-squeezed grape juice, duly simmered, condensed and flavoured. A tradition honoured throughout centuries in the Emilian provinces of Modena and Reggio, its production consists of many hand-craft means and ways that are suitable only for small artisan establishments. Among the intangible ingredients are patience, time, generations of skill, and the climate in some patches of the Padana Plain.The grapes of local wines, especially of Lambrusco and Trebbiano, provide the raw must. After having been spiced with special ingredients not by themselves rare or costly euro see below, HOW IT'S DONE euro and after a curing process lasting at least five but often twelve years, this emerges as a dense, dark-brown fluid rich in nearly inebriating aromas that confer piquant sweet, sour and herbal subtleties to a wide range of dishes, including fish, meats and fruit.
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