What to do in Lucca, Italy

Lucca is a small medieval Italian town just 75 kilometers west of Florence and an easy bus or train ride from most cities in Tuscany. It is a popular destination for travelers with a Tuscan itinerary. There are over 30 tourist attractions in Lucca including the Teatro del Giglio, the Torre delle Ore and Torre Guinigi, the house of Puccini and much more.Must do's in Lucca:Check out the gorgeous mosaic of Basilica San Frediano and appreciate the moment of being tucked away in a little street in the heart of Lucca.Tell the time at Le Torre delle Ore! Rent a bike and ride on the path ingrained on the historical city walls. It is 4 kilometers long and offers tourists a wonderful panorama of the city with peeks into the historical center's dainty village streets.Climb the stairs to reach the top of Torre Guinigi to get a view of the city atop a beautiful tree-filled tower.On a Sunday, visit the antique market in the square of Teatro del Giglio where you will find all sorts of vintage finds, hand knit upholstery, and eclectic accoutrements to bring back home.Make sure to taste something local! The Lucchese cuisine are known for hearty foods like Tagliatelle with deer rag or Tortelli Lucchese (beef filled ravioli-type pasta). Enjoy some wine, too! Lucca is close to a little-known Italian DOC wine producing zone called Montecarlo and they make some good red and white wines, perfect for easy drinking and simple food pairing.Visiting? Try a cooking class in Lucca!Le Baccanti has been designing events, tours, activities, and travel programs in Tuscany and throughout Italy for over a decade. Contact us or visit our website to learn more
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