Why do a Cooking Class in Italy?

Never before has humanity placed such great importance and spent so much time and energy deciding what to eat and preparing their food! It is indeed the golden age of nutrition, cooking, cook books, chefs, specialty ingredients and gourmet cooking shows and Le Baccanti says bring it on! We love that the world is finally paying attention to this important argument and enjoying themselves immensely along the way. At the forefront of this movement is the Mediterranean diet, and Italian cooking and wine in particular. The Italian kitchen, with its fresh ingredients, use of healthful olive oil, pasta, seasonal vegetables, fish and legumes is truly one of a kind. We invite you to get to the heart (or stomach) of the argument through one of our fantastic one-day cooking classes throughout Italy on your next trip or if you have the time, let us put together a custom gourmet food and wine trip for you your tastebuds will thank you.Tuscan Cooking ClassesFrom the home of an Italian mamma who has spent decades in the kitchen, to the bustling restaurant in a small Chianti village to a castle we offer a wide range of culinary classes in Tuscany one of which is surely right for you on your next trip to Florence, Siena, Chianti or other Tuscan town. We can even arrange for a private chef to come to your villa or apartment and do a personalized cooking class in the privacy of your own villa. If youre traveling with kids, be sure to checkout our Pizza Cooking Class and Pasta Making class both huge hits with children and adults.Venetian Cooking ClassExplore the bountiful Venetian food market to purchase the ingredients you will need and then head back to your cooking lesson in a private home. Create masterful but simple dishes during your day of culinary exploration that are so mouthwatering you will be sure to try to re-create them once you return home for friends and family.Rome Cooking ClassesTwo different chefs, two different cooking classes, but one this is for sure both of these cooking classes in Rome are sure to leave you happy and satisfied. Choose between a class with a market walk or one with a Neapolitan flare- both have gotten rave reviews from our previous customers.We also offer cooking classes in Alba/Piedmont, Perugia/Umbria, San Gimignano/Tuscany, Montepulciano/Tuscany. Please dont hesitate to contact us for help in selecting the right cooking class or culinary tour for you and your group.
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