Bordighera, the City of Humour: a pleasant, warm and enchanting city in Liguria that from 1947 to 1999 hosted an international competition dedicated to humour and satire. A visit to Bordighera during springtime is an experience that is worth to do: landscapes, sun, palms and olive trees will make you wowing and you'll love the historical center as well as the modern areas along the coast. But from 20th to 25th of April, 2007 there are two more reasons for wine and humour lovers, to plan a visit to Bordighera: the second edition of "VINO e VIGNETTE" (Wine and Cartoons). During the event, visitors can taste differents wines tipical from Liguria like Rossese di Dolceacqua, Vermentino, Pigato and Ormeasco, and visit several exhibitions of cartoons dedicated to wine and grapes and realized in cooperation with Enoteca Italiana di Siena.But there's more: you also can meet more than 40 famous Italian cartoons authors, have a glass of wine with them and enjoy the jazz live sessions in the evening.We will glad to help you planning your trip to Liguria.
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