An Exhibition of Wine and Grappa euroo La Mostra dei Vini e delle Grappe euroo will be held from 7th to 15th May 2005 in Vittorio Veneto in Treviso Province, some seventy kilometres north of Venice. Vittorio Veneto nestles against the foot-hills of the Alps and is often called The Gateway to the Dolomites. The entire city will become one big open-air festival for tasting and comparing the large range of Veneto wines and affiliated products. The visitor euroo or, perhaps more aptly, the oenovisitor euroo may walk leisurely in the lovely late-mediaeval city centre while nurturing a glass or chalice of white, red, sparkling or sweet dessert wine, or sipping a small grappa. Prosecco, Cartizze, Amarone, Recioto may be sampled among many others, as may be many grappas patiently and knowledgeably produced by the regions famous master distillers. Much attention will be paid to the proper marriage between wine and food, especially at the tables of traditional Trevisian and Venetian cuisines. The event is a part of the greater promotional undertaking, the Primavera del Prosecco or Proseccos Springtime, held in honour of the Venetoss most celebrated white.
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