Wines for non-wine drinker

In general, wine and wine haters do not mix. All many people can think of when they think of wine is feet, feet, and more feet. Wine is an acquired taste; you either love it or you hate it. Surprisingly enough, however, there are three wines that are hard to turn down even to the most avid wine hater. So if you are a non-wine drinker, keep these three wines in mind, as they may just change the way you view wine from here on out. Even better, they are all within budget, under $15 a bottle.Blue Nun- Blue Nun is a robust wine, borderline feet tasting, but a tolerable wine that goes well with basically everything. It's a wine that you can compromise on if you are around an avid wine drinker. It's fruity with a strong alcoholic aftertaste, even though it only has 9.5% alcohol. It's a German wine that costs around $8 per bottle, and found in most grocery stores. In recent years, Blue Nun has come back as a reputable wine brand in the wine critics' world, especially among the female crowd with their 'light' version (only .5% alcohol).Ste Chapelle Soft Huckleberry- This crisp, fruity wine is delish. It's made in Idaho (out of Caldwell) using Idaho huckleberries and other fruits from the Snake River Valley area. It has a hint of honey and smells a bit like apricots, and is light enough to order two bottles. Drink it with pasta, it blends well. It goes great with cheese and fruit, and has 10.7% alcohol. And, it can be found in most grocery stores, including Wal-Mart, for under $8.New Age White Wine- this is the wine that has been getting rave reviews since 2009. This wine is slightly carbonated and has a flowery smell to it. It's very sweet with peaches and apricots with an almost floral aftertaste, and the bubbly aspect to it makes it a fun drinking wine. It's a wine from Argentina and can be found in most high-end liquor stores that carry lots of wines. This wine is 9.5% alcohol, making it a nice lower alcohol wine for any non-wine drinker to try. This wine is a great teaser for any meal, and is delicious enjoyed over ice with a splash of lime. I know you are thinking I drunk myself to death and this is the result. Unfortunately though this is the truth!If you do not like wine you can try and drink this "stuff", which I wouldn't necessarily call it wine though!If you come to Italy and you don't like wine this are three wine options that might do the trick to get you started into the wine world.Lambrusco is a red sparkling wine which has been sold in bulk as a cheap and nasty bubbly. Among the commercial stuff though there's a great deal of super delicious value for money cherry and vanilla driven wines with some nice round mouthful.

Lambrusco is red like Ferrari -produced nearby- and goes well with Prosciutto di Parma and Modena Balsamic Vinegar which are both made within half and hour drive!-Lambrusco Grasparossadi CastelvetroVigna CanovaFattoria Moretto-Lambrusco di Modena,SpumanteBrut2009Cantina della Volta-Lambrusco Grasparossadi CastelvetroSeccoCa Berti-Lambrusco di SorbaraRadice2010Paltrinieri Gianfranco-Il Grasparossadella TradizioneTenuta PederzanaGoing into the White world where you do not have necessarily to add ice or lime :( my recommendation is to ask for a vino "abboccato" or "amabile" which have a little sugar residual, lower alcohol, but they are not really sweet. This makes them super easy to drink.You can find them everywhere in the country, but if you were to travel to Rome you have the option of a Frascati Cannellino, recently awarded DOCG -the highest appellation status-.Only 30 min drive from Rome, one could take a Frascati Wine Tour to go discover it directly.Moving into the Red wine scene instead we can take a trip to Lake Garda where Bardolino Superiore is a great option for a light juicy and low alcoholic red.

The wine area is located on the east side of the morainic hills of the lake, near Verona. The grapes used -Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella- are the same variety used to make Italy most powerful wine, Amarone, but with Bardolino ou will have the sweet black driven berries, the smooth touch but a light body perfect for anyone who wants to kick of a new wine life!So you next visit to Romeo and Juliet town Verona, do not forget to take an Amaronewine tour as well!

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